We can make up various types of brochure holders. From single tier to three tier going to three across. We have free standing brochure holders as well as wall mounted brochure holders or even poll mounted brochure holders.

We have our patent clipping system brochure holders. This is where all parts are assemble together by clipping instead of by gluing. The clipping system is stronger than using glue and should a side piece break, just that side piece need to be replaced and not the entire brochure holder.

We are also able to make the brochure holders that are glued together if this is the method you prefer.

We can brand our brochure holders with either silk screen printing, laser engraving or digital printed stickers.

Display plates are for displaying your cosmetic item outside of it’s packaging. It hols the item in place, eithr laying down or standing up. Great way to display testers!

  • Cosmetic Display Dabble bars:
    Cosmetic Display Dabble bars are a large counter display where you display samples of all your products that is easy for your customer to see what is available. Also great to work from when you are doing make overs instore. Made from acrylics and Perspex.
  • Cosmetic Display Glorifiers:
    Cosmetic Display Glorifiers are a display stand for a certain product that show them off inside packaging and out packaging as well with some information on the product.
  • Point of sale displays:
    We can use digital printed vinyl and apply to various point of sale displays adding more interest and spark into your products.
We have a Roland XC 540 digital printer. We can print up to 1350mm wide. Digital printing and vinyl cutting can be used for various applications.

  • Digital Printed Stickers:
    We can make vinyl stickers to yor needs and shapes. Just send along your artwork. We can also make yo licence disc stickers for great giveaways!

We make various dispensers as well as make up to our customers specifications. We use acrylics and Perspex but can also use metal and wood.

  • Metal Condom dispenser:
    We are able to make up metal condom dispensers. We can fabricate to your requirements.
  • Cigarette Dispenser Display:
    We can customise cigarette dispensers with your branding and colours for counter tops.
  • Multi purpose box dispensers:
    These multi purpose boxes can be used for anything. They can be used on cosmetic counters for cotton wool balls and ear buds. They are made from acrylic and Perspex. We can also make sweet box dispensers.
  • Vacuum formed shelf dispenser trays:
    These trays are vacuum formed to fit your product whether it be a box or carded item. Your item then fits nicely and acts as a dispenser on a store shelf looking neat and professional.
  • Product shelf dispenser:
    These dispensers are made using our patent clipping system where acrylic and erspex are used. You bolt them to the shelves in the retail stores and have like a pop out effect that the shoppers won’t be able to miss. These can either be used as a brochure dispenser or a product dispenser. These holders can be custom made.
    *Point of sale dispensers
    *Plastic dispenser
  • Condom dispensers:
    We make up condom dispensers out ABS. We have a standard size one that holds100 condoms. We can also make them out of metal.
  • Shelf product dispensers:
    We can make shelf dispensers to size for your products that can be fixed to the shelves in the reatil stores. We can use acrylic, Perpsex and metal.
    *Point of sale dispensers
    * Plastic dispenser

We supply various types of dressing trays or surgical packs. We also do adult oxygen masks.

We supply the following:

  • Circumcision tray
  • Amnio Tray
  • Mouth Tray
  • GP Tray
  • Suture Tray
  • Catheter and Syringe tray
  • Catheter tray
  • Wound irrigation tray
  • Casualty tray
  • Large tray
  • Multipak tray
  • Small tray
  • Montana tray
  • Chest drainage kits
  • Adult oxygen masks – 35%, 40% and 60%
  • Table Tidies
    We can fabricate table tidies to your franchise specifications and colours.
    Contact us for pricing.
  • Hot houses
    We can customize just about anything to your specifications. Mini hot houses can be made up.
  • Product dispensers
    We are able to fabricate dispensers for larger products to be put on display. This example is made from a vacuum formed piece of plastic and ABS pieces. We can custom make them for your company’s products.
  • Product display cases
    We can custom make display cases to your specific needs. We can make so that they rotate or just stand on a counter top. These are great for products that are small and valuable to be on display and then locked up at the same time. We use acrylics and Perspex to make these up.

    • Display cabinet
    • Product display
    • Display case

We can fabricate just about anything for you out of plastic. We are not limited to the pictures that we have available.

We can fabricate product display talkers to your specifications of the products. These are great way to display your product on instore counters where your product will be displayed with a print of what the product is about. We use acrylic and Perspex to make these up. *Product talker *Product display *Display talker


We have a guillotine and we are able to cut thin gauge PVC, paper and thin PETg. Our widest we can cut is 1350mm x 1400mm.

  • PVC slitting
  • PVC cutting
  • Paper cutting
  • PETg cutting


We are able to do certain industrial plastics and fabrication. Contact us to see how we are able to asssist you.

  • Product List Polystyrene
    We are able to laser cut polystyrene into various shapes, ideal for parties and children’s bedrooms.
  • Laser engraving
    We are able to laser engrave on most plastics, wood, glass and marble. We can also engrave on Romark as per the picture which is great for door signs or picture frame labels.


  • Laser cut and engraved keyrings
    We are able to laser cut keyrings to your desired size and shape as well as laser engrave your details on to it. We can use acrylic and Perspex.
  • Laser cut cut outs
    We can also do picture or letter cut outs which would be great for those signage and decorating needs.


  • Tongue depressor dispensers 
    Our tongue depressor dispensers come in two sizes to hold quantities of 50 and 100. Branding can be added to the front cover which we can make clear or a smokey colour.
  • Seven day pill reminder box
    We do have seven day pill reminder boxes available.
  • Pill counting tray
    Advertise your product on the pill counting tray and use as a promotional item.
  • Plastic ivy drip hook
    Plastic ivy drip hooks
  • Gestation wheels
    Gestation wheels can be made up with your branding. Made out of ABS.
  • Plastic forceps
    Plastic forceps.
  • Condom dispensers
    We make up condom dispensers. Fill them up from the top and take out from the bottom. These come with the AIDS ribbin printed on them.
  • Ampoule Breaker
    Ampoule Breaker
  • Nurse cutting tool
    This tool helps to cut sealed bags with ease


We do domed name badges that come with either a pin or a magnetic attachement.

  • Multifit name badges
    Multifit name badges can be reused as they are deigned to slot in a piece of paper into it and out again. Branding can be added.
  • Conference badge
    Conference badges are 90mm x 55mm and come with either just a pin or a pin and clip.
  • Domed badge
    Our domed name badges come with either a pin or magnetic attachment. *resin coated name badges


We have various point of sale items available from brochure holders to display cases. We use acrylics and Perspex to make our point of purchase items.

  • Vacuum formed signage
    We are able to make signage using vacuum formed items. we can then add vinyl stickers to add branding
  • Wooden table numbers
    Our wooden table numbers are a wooden triangular piece with mock brass or silver plates that can be laser engraved to show black. These can also be silk screen printed with colour. The base of the table number has felt.
  • Business card holders
    We make our business card holders using our patent clipping system. We use acrylic and can now use coloured Perspex. We can custom make these holders. We can do branding with silk screen printing as well as laser engraving.
  • Colour sided clipping system brochure holders
    These holders with coloured Perspex sides are new to our clipping system range which is patented. They are a great way to advertise your corporate colours and are eye catching.*leaflet holders
  • W table stand holder
    We have two types of acrylic Perspex W holders. One with a base and the other without. These are great for DL advertisments you would like to display on your tables. We can also make according to your specs.
    *table talker
    *menu holder
  • Patent brochure holders
    For a alternative and cost effective option, why not go for our patent clipping system brochure holders. We use an ultra high impact acrylic material for the middle and sides so this makes our product durable and sturdy. We are also able to use a thinner acrylic material and this makes the produt more cost effective. They come in various sizes and tiers and we can also make them wall mounted. Branding can be added either by silk screen printing or laser cutting. We are expanding our range all the time. We also now do stands where you can have coloured Perspex sides to match your corporate colours for holders that are more eye catching.
    *leaflet holders
    *wall mounted brochure holders
  • Brochure holders
    These brochure holders are an alternative to our clipping system brochure holders. These are glued instead. Also come in various sizes and tiers. Branding can be added.
  • Shoe display stands
    We can fabricate various shoe stands as well as boxes to your specifications.
  • Printed shelf talkers
    We can do full colour shelf talkers with your branding done on a white PST. We can also do Perspex or acrylic shelf talkers with silk screen printing.
  • PVC shelf talkers
    We make PVC shelf talkers and these are made in different lengths an sizes depending on your needs. We have a guillotine that can cut thin gauge PVC as well as paper so we can cut the PVC shelf talkers to your specific sizes.
  • Custom Competition Boxes or suggestion boxes
    We can make custom competition boxes or suggstion boxes with your branding or you can add pockets to the sides. We use coloured Perspex, acrylics and ABS to make them.
  • Display Talkers
    We can make custom display talkers to fit your product. The product is incased on to the talker and above it you can have your branding or leaflet inerted at the top. We use acrylic and Perspex.
    * Product display
  • Bed talkers
    We can make various bed talkers to your specific needs with branding. We use acrylic and Perspex.
  • Paper trays
    Are you a stationery shop and don’t know how to display your paper? We make paper trays that can be connected to the wall with a hooking system.
  • Competition boxes and suggestion boxes
    For all your competition needs, we make up competition boxes or suggestion boxeswith hinges and locking mechanisms for all entries to be kept safe in. We use Perspex, acrylic and ABS to make thses items. We can also make them out of wood.
  • Do not disturb signs
    We have standard DND sign shapes available that we die cut out. If you would like a unique shape of your own, we can have a die made to your specifications at an additional cost.
  • Plastic table numbers
    We can make table number, resereved and no smoking signs for all your table needs. We can do just a plain number or have your company logo printed as well. We use acrylics and Perspex.
    *Reserve sign
  • Show cases
    Show cases can be made solid or on a rotating stand with a locking mechanism so those valuble items are kept safe. We use acrylic and Perpsex to make our stands. We can also use wood and metal.
    *Metal stands
    *Plastic displays
  • Table talkers / Menu holders
    We make our menu holders out of clear acrylic or Perspex. We can also make them so that they are non reflective. These holders are double sided and great to display menus on a table or even adverts or specials.

We have various promotional items available from frisbees to keyrings to rulers.

  • Frisbees
    We have frisbees available that can be branded with a silk screen print or even a vinyl sticker. Various colours are available.
  • Vuvuzelas
    We have two types of plastic Vuvuzelas. We have a traditional one as well as a smaller trumpet like one.
  • Rulers
    We make up ABS rulers 15cm and 30cm long. These are great for cheap givaways and a great for of adverting. We can also make custom rulers out acrylic and Perspex.
  • Trophies
    We can make up acrylic trophies as well as Perspex trophies to your specifications. Awards and names can then be laser engraved on the acrylic.
  • Laptop stand
    We have a new laptop stand available that is great looking as well as a great way to advertise. They are also great for your posture. They are made from Perspex and can be made from various colours. They are easy to disassemble so that you can lay them flat to pack away into your laptop bag for easy transportation. Branding can be added.

* Computer stand

* Laptop display

  • Rugby ball display stand
    We can make up various wooden and plastic rugby ball stands with branding engraves onto stand.
  • Clipboards
    We can make clipboards to your specifications and out of your colour of choice as well as put your branding needs onto them. We use clear acrylics and coloured Perspex to make up these clip boards.

* Plastic clipboards

* Perspex clipboards

  • Coasters
    We have various types of coaters available. We have glass, clear acrylic or coloured perspex. You can either have a colour print or a laser engraved logo on them.
  • Keyrings
    Keyrings can come in different shapes, colours and sizes. We can laser cut plastic keyrings to your required size and shape as well laser engrave on them. We use clear acrylics and coloured Perspex. Or alternatively we can silk screen print on them. We can also do domed keyrings.

* Key tags

  • Fridge magnets
    Want something that sticks? Why not use magnets to advertise. They come in various sizes and colours to brighten up your cutomers fridges and make them think of you when looking for ideas.
  • Cell phone holders
    We have cell phone moulded holders available but we can also design a holder to your specifications. We use acrylic and Perspex. Silk screen printing can also be done.

* Perspex cell pone holder

* Plastic cell phone holder

  • Suction Cups
    We supply suction cups with hooks. We have a 25mm, 30mm and a 40mm available.


We have various forms of signage that you van choose from.

  • Clip frames
    We supply various sizes of the clip frames with either a 25mm slim line or 32mm security aluminium profile. We can also have custom size ones made up.
    * Security frames
    * Aluminium frames
    * Poster frames
  • Easy slide frames
    These easy slide frames come in various sizes. They have a slot on one side where you can slide your poster in and out.
  • Vinyl stickers
    We can make up printed vinyl stickers, domed stickers as well as vinyl cut out stickers for all you signage needs.
  • Sign wall spacers
    These spacers are great for all your signage needs when mounting signs to the wall. The get screwed into the wall and the space the signage away from the wall, giving it an apmarket look.
  • Vinyl signs
    We can make up signs usung vinyl prints or cut outs. We can either do stickers or mout them to cromadek or other acrylic or Perspex sheets.
  • Plaques
    We can make up plaques for door signs, trophys, picture frames and whatever else you want to use them for. We use a product called Romark and then laser engrave your details for a smart finish. We have gold, silver white and blck available.
  • For sale sign boards
    We make up estate agent for sale signs. We use correx or cromadek and then silk screen print your branding.
  • Estate Agent boards