As a South African based company we have established ourselves moving from a small enterprise to the current stance in the market place, all while ensuring we remain focused enough to provide the personal individual attention our entire customer base deserves. We fabricate Perspex ® and other plastics to our customer’s individual needs, including specialised designing. We are constantly striving to create new ideas and product applications in order to ensure a competitive service, this combined with the hands on approach of the owner Robert Rugheimer ensures that the client is being offered a unique face to face personal service.

What can Harrogate offer your Company/Enterprise?
Brochure stands, shelf/price talkers, do not disturb signs, point of sales items, name badges, rulers, suggestion/competition boxes, key rings, coasters, banners, silk screening, vinyl prints, laser cutting, laser engraving, vacuum forming, medical accessories, etc.

Harrogate has launched a patent for a new stand, encompassing mechanism it uses, the patent has finally been approved and we now are the proud owners of our own patent. The new patent is both very unique as well as more cost effective for the customer.

HARROGATE, will always advise you on the best material to use to meet your specific requirements, we are not only here to sell you the product but also to ensure you achieve the best results.

We only use the best quality plastic on par with the market expectance.

Without sacrificing quality we strive to give the customer the best prices possible.

The owner goes out to see all the customers and is always available on his cell phone.

A warm welcome to all of our existing, new and potential customers. HARROGATE as a small enterprise is growing substantially at the hands of Robert Rugheimer; since he bought over the enterprise in 2004 we have gone from strength to strength.

We are proficient in all the facets of design and fabrication of plastics, from display items, brochure stands, and table talkers to point of sales items. Not withstanding our various other areas of expertise, laser engraving, banners, laser cutting, specialised design etc.

We are first and foremost a family run business, the owner is directly involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the business as well as the planning, quality control, services, quotes, drawing and the finished products. In addition we also provide the service of co-operate gifts and branding.

Our customer base is rather extensive ranging from Optometrists, stationary stores, medical industry, large hotel groups, advertising agencies, promotional companies, banks, gift shops, vehicle dealerships, construction companies, shoe stores, cosmetic industry, furniture stores, paint & hardware stores and veterinary companies. Upon your request we design the product in house and send the sample to you to be approved, upon you’re signed off approval we fabricate your order. HARROGATE, strives to have all confirmed orders to the customer in a timely fashion.

HARROGATE are now the proud owners of our very own patent, this new design concept was designed and perfected by Robert, we are very excited about this new design as we are confident that it will benefit all involved, especially the customers as the end product is both unique and a lot more cost effective to purchase. We know very well that awareness of your product is ultimately what sells the product bearing this in mind we work hand in hand with you concluding in a design that is practical and eye catching.

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